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    What happens if I have a negative balance on my paypal account?

    I currently don't have any money in my Paypal account. I owe E-bay $12 for fees. My Paypal isn't linked to a credit card because I don't have one. I'm afraid Paypal will double the negative balance. I plan on selling more things this week and will probably get $12 by 7-9 days later. Can someone please help me and tell me what will happen? Thank you.
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    Im not positive. I didn't think it would let you have a negative balance. but, somehow, I ended up with a negative balance on an ebay gift card. Minus $30.75. They didn't charge me extra but my total balance shows my balances less the $30.75. email paypal. I bet their automated attendant could answer it for you.
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    • You do not run a negative balance with paypal. When you have a zero balance paypal will automatically take from your bank account attached to your paypal account unless you specify otherwise (example if you have a credit card). You will not be double billed for your fees, I've never had that happen in over a decade of buying and selling.

      by Shizam - 9 hours ago

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