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    How much money does it have to take before police will even investigate on credit card fraud?

    I live here in the US so I know its probably different then the UK and I cant find any answers.. I was just curious on how much money the person who commits the fraud has to spend on the other persons credit card before the police even investigate.. Because usually they just give the money back so what is the amount it takes to where they investigate ? Thank you
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    There's no specific $ amount. The larger the $ amount, the bigger the prize and they may put forth more effort to investigate. They will take your report and file it. If there are other reports with with similar characteristics, they will probably combine them and investigate. If they discover a criminal with a lot of forged or stolen cards, then you'll hear about it. It's much like your car if it is stolen. They won't actively look for it. The will accidentally come across it when the thief violates a traffic law and are caught, or if they are involved in an accident, or if the car is abandoned or other criminal activity is suspected..
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    • If you are using someone else's credit card you will get caught. Is it really worth it to have your life ruined (completely ruined) for a couple of hundred dollars?

      by Go with the flow - 19 minutes ago

    • There is no amount if the person reports it 20 dollars or 100 dollars it doesnt matter

      by Kevin L - 19 minutes ago

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