Can you get caught using a fake credit card on Amazon?

Well i was randomly looking around Amazon and i just used some random credit card to figure out the shipping of one item, i was never trying to buy the item, just trying to find the cost so i knew how much i needed to have. Out of curiousity i clicked "Continue" with my random credit card and as i was expecting the usual credit card error, it worked for some reason. I immediately searched up this topic from google about using fake cards and it seems like other people have done it as well
by mistake. I still could log in however, and i immediately cancelled the order. So am i okay now?
K amazon has sent me 2 emails now confirming my order and confirming my cancellation, stating that i have not been charged
Lol i never said i produced my "random" credit card number myself, i used a fake credit card generator... cops havent shown up yet, its not like i charged anything. Never should've asked...

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Yes, if it was an accident, you should be OK.

3 years ago

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This *story* may work with your mother, but I am not buying it.

The chances of you choosing a random credit card number, name on the card, expiry date, 3 digit security code on the back of the card AND the correct billing address that goes with the name of the person on the card are a trillion to one.

So, my guess is, you either took someones card, found a card # on some fake card generator site or something else, and thought you could somehow get away with this, and got a conscience at the end.

by Use Your Noodle - 3 years ago

Expect the police to be knocking on the door soon. That's credit card fraud and is a felony.

by Common Sense - 3 years ago