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    can i use my debit card like a credit card to make payments on online purchases?

    Hi im currently 17 years old and currently have a job, own my own business in a farmers market and an online store on ebay , I have a more than an excellent income every month for a young man who is beginning to take care of him self. I want to buy some music equipment online and make monthly payments on zzsounds.com which charge no interest, the reason i want to make payments is because i have a few bills to pay and also because i would feel more comfortable making $150 payments a month than dropping $500 upfront. but the thing is i do not have a credit card and or do not want to have one just because i do not feel a credit card is very safe due to pure temptation, anyways i was just wondering if i could just type in all my debit card info in place of where the credit info is suppose to be on the online store and just get deducted 150 or so every month? thank you
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    You can if it's a debit/credit card. If you are going to do a payment plan, I would call in your info so you can verify that this is what your card will be charged each month. Also, make sure you read reviews of this online place. You don't want to be sending hard earned money to a fake place and never recieve your item. Also check the return policy, because if it's not what you expected you will want to get your money back! Good Luck and be careful of online shopping. You should try to check around your city for actual music stores that offer secure layaway plans... or a pawn shop!
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    • i dont think this feature will be possible unless it has a layaway plan, which maybe you can make payments for it.. if not, the debit card will be charged the full 500 hundred if its not a credit card.

      by Fly Kicks - 10 hours ago

    • Not possible. A debit card is more or less an electronic check and can only be used for upfront purchases

      by Ed Fox - 10 hours ago

    • No And, technically, you are breaking Ebays TOS being a minor and selling on Ebay. I would imagine that means you also fibbed on your PayPal account. But, anyways... This online store you want to buy equipment from would be extending you credit. That means, you need to be 18 to even apply. At 17, you cannot enter into a binding contract. Even IF you lied on the application ( as is it seems you did to Ebay and PayPal ) about your age, you would still be declined to make payments on this equipment you want. If you use your debit card, you need to have $500 to pay for the entire purchase. A debit card is NOT a credit card. Even if it has a MC or Visa logo on it. If you were to enter your debit card info, they would charge your account $500. That means, it would come out of your bank account when you make the purchase. I find it funny you say how you don't want a credit card, but yet, you are ok buying this equipment on credit. LOL

      by Genuine Guidance - 10 hours ago

    • Not unless your debit card is linked by your bank to one of the credit card companies, eg Visa, Mastercard

      by John - 10 hours ago

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