how can i follow up my pag-ibig salary loan via enternet?

I'm here in Cebu but my head office in Manila.I filed a salary loan last May 2009.But the check was send here in Cebu Pag-big office with out the knowledge of my head office.The check was released last november 9 2009 of 7,227.07 with the check #102019.It was stale already,and send back address to THE CHEF OF DIVISION CASH AND ADMIN DIVISION MAKATI III.Pag-ibig Cebu office advise me to send the memorandum through email so that i can get a new check including the refund for the payment on that loan.I wait for almost 23 days but i did not recieved feedback.until i decided to send the memorandum through LBC last march 23,2010.I kept on call follow up here in Pag-big cebu about that check,but same they have no feedback from manila regarding my status.

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The status of your pag-ibig salary is not available on line.

If you are near a local branch office you can call or go to the office, here is a link to a directory of branch offices:

If you are not near a branch you can call or email corporate headquarters at:

Atrium of Makati
Makati Avenue, Makati City

Trunklines: (02)811-4401 to 27 connecting all departments

Email address is:

Call Center: 724-4244



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