Can I cash my check without an ID?

Well I work at subway in Louisiana and I have 3 checks and I wana cash them, but all I have is my School ID and my social security card. Do you think walmart would cash my checks? Or where else?

3 years ago - 5 answers

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Open up a checking account at a bank...then you can go there to cash or deposit your check. Driver's licenses are the best ID.

3 years ago

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aren't those IDs ?

by Bob Link - 3 years ago

Those are I.D.'s.

Wouldn't it be better to open a checking account? Your parents can co-sign the checking account until you are 18 and now you have a place where to put your money and deposit your checks without having to pay a check cashing fee.

by Reena - 3 years ago

You should be able to at the companys bank.


by Macy - 3 years ago

You are working.
It is time for your parents to take you to the bank and help you open a checking account.

Eventually get a state ID from the department of motor vehicles.
Not a driver's lic, but a state issued ID.

Your parents have a lot of work to do don't they.
Next they need to teach you how to drive and get you a driver's permit.

by Radioactive - 3 years ago