100 dollar gift card, scam or real?

My husband got a call, saying he won a 100 dollar gift card and magazines, From wal-mart for doing a survey online witch was ages ago in my opinion. They told him he has to pay a 8.95 for shipping and handling. They wanted his credit card number so the shipping and handling could be paid. They verified his name and that he was over 18.. Anyways He didnt give them his credit card number he wanted to talk to me first. I told him in my opinion it sounded like a scam. Has this happened to any of you? I just wanna no he is gonna call back tmw, he also has there number... Any ideas?

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theres so many scams like that so he's lucky he didnt fall for it. i've seen the same ads for the $1000 walmart prize, but if you look closely they say something like "not affiliated with walmart". always b careful and dont give out your info (:


3 years ago

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by saved - 3 years ago

Scam. My friend had the exact same situation!

by ♥{Baby Luv}♥ - 3 years ago


by OZkid - 3 years ago

100% SCAM

The gift card would've cost you hundreds in fees.

by Wayne Z - 3 years ago

Scam. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.


by stan c - 3 years ago