Can I use a visa gift card for porn sites?

So I got one of those visa gift card things as a gift recently. I've always been hesitant to get a porn site membership, specifically Pornhub, because of it showing up on my credit card bill, but these visa gift cards seem to be one-offs. Anyway I'm not looking for anyone to judge me, I'm just looking for information, specifically this: Can I use a prepaid visa gift card to get a membership for Also, will this information show up anywhere? When I activated the card for online use I entered all my information, including mailing adress etc.... will they ever send me a bill or anything? Help a brother out. I promise to give best answer to the first person to answer (with correct information). Thanks!

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why get a pornhub membership when so much is online for free?

But if you have to, sure, the visa gift card is just a visa card with a limit....

Jerk off like you've never jerked off before.....

And no worries of mom and dad seeing the statement....

3 years ago

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i dnt think so that u can use it! because there is only a credit card or debit! and they dnt let u do with gift carg

by Killah Kam - 3 years ago

You can use it anywhere VISA is accepted.

by WV MAN - 3 years ago

No unfortunately, because they need to verify your date of birth, as all state, country, province laws require. Since a visa gift card doesn't have your information like your debit/ Credit card then taking that form of payment is impossible.

by Mike - 7 months ago