I have a credit score of 870. What is the best score you can get?

An article on Yahoo today says 850 is max score. I got this score (870) over the summer and it was stable across all three reporting agencies. The paperwork also says 990 is max. What is the real max? THANKS!!!

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Fico scores go from 300 to 850

Elite-740-& up
Sub-prime-624-& under

You have a Vantage score. Vantage scores go from 501 to 990


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850 is the REAL max for the 3 credit bureaus. But I heard of another "credit score" place that isn't really used and isn't really popular that has a higher maximum score, you probably got your score off of that second one, not your "real" score though that credit places actually use.

by Love giving the CA Howdy - 3 years ago

FICO scores have a scale of 300 to 850. There are lots of different scores but creditors use FICO.

The Equifax site uses FICO scores. You can also get FICO scores for TransUnion and Equifax at Consumers can no longer get FICO scores for Experian. TheTransUnion and Experian sites sell Vantage scores (scale of 500 to 990). Third party monitoring services use Fakko scores (who knows what scale or formula). Never pay for a non-FICO score. and both offer free score estimators. They are not FICO but within 50 points or so. Good enough if you are curious about your score.


by bdancer222 - 3 years ago