Is the Fico score the middle score of of the 3 different credit bureaus? has a free special where you can get your 3 free credit scores & reports if you cancel within 7 days..
If i take the middle score would that produce my fico?
I dont want to go to myfico because they charge $20...

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One note about that free trial.
It is very hard to get them to cancell - ask anyone that has done this.
Honestly - pay the $20 for the fico if you really need it.

Do you need just estimates: (if you are not buying a home or a car).
Go to or
Mine were off only about 10 points. My credit is pretty steady - does not fluctuate.

Also you can use online calculators that let you know your range.
Google: Credit Score Calculator or
Fico Score Estimator...

3 years ago

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Your middle score isn't necessarily Fico it is the actual middle of the three score

say you have a 640 668 and 658 your middle score is 658

The middle score isnt based on the same report all the time just what the middle of the three scores are

by mortgagesaver01 - 3 years ago

You will get 3 different scores from the three of them.

FICO score is not based on the three of them, it is based on each of the 3 bureaus and how they score you.

The middle score is just the mid score that many creditors will use for a home loan etc.

To get the true scores you will need to pay for them.

by GatorMan - 3 years ago