How can I cash a check with expired ID?

My drivers license expired earlier this year, i still have the card, i have valid school id card, i have a social security card, i have a passport that expired earlier this year and i still cant cash a wells fargo check at wells fargo that was issued for my financial aid! wtf?! i could find my birth certificate maybe would that do it? what do you need to do? i cant get new id without money and i cant cash my check

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Officially, expired ID = no ID. A birth certificate does not include a picture. There is no proof that you are the genuine owner of the birth certificate you present

3 years ago

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Borrow the money to renew your ID. Its like 27 bucks. Or you could sign the check over to someone with a bank account. You should have got your ID renewed before it expired.

by Oops suspended again - 3 years ago

How about just depositing your check in your bank account?

by MadMan - 3 years ago

You really should open a bank account so you can deposit checks without having to show ID and cash them. Many banks offer free checking for students. Pick a bank to open an account at, and use this check to start it.

by gomanyes - 3 years ago

You cannot
You will need a valid government or state issued picture ID to cash a check.

Borrow $20 or whatever it costs to go get a state ID at the DMV (not a drivers license, it is just an ID) Then, you can cash your check and pay the person back.

Don't you have a bank account where you are going to school? That would have helped in this situation. You could have just deposited the money in your bank account and used a debit card.

by My Take on It - 3 years ago