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    money stolen from my bank account?

    About $800 was stolen from my bank account. The bank is asking me to verify weather that amount of money was taken out by me ASAP. How will i get my money back? Also, on the bank statements, it has many records of purchases from Amazon, and Playstation Network... I haven't bought anything online..... How will I get my money back? And can the bank really give me my money back if they cannot track the person who stole it? How can the bank or I track the person who is stealing the money?
    7 days ago 3 Answers

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    Well, you first have to tell them that you are disputing all those charges, close the account and open a new one if you haven't done that already. They will send you something for you to sign and to verify that you have not done those purchases (like a statement). They will do the investigation. Usually they will give you money back. If they want to keep you as customer, then they better resolve this. But you need to find out how they got your acct nbr. They either used your card nbr or bank acct nbr. did you leave it out on the table or lost a card or throw away statement without ripping it or shredding it? Thief are getting really creative these days with cell phone and computers. With the holidays coming, they are out everywhere.
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    • don't worry about how the bank will recoup their losses, just tell them immediately that you did not make these charges

      by billy25685 - 5 hours ago

    • You absolutely must call the police and have them give you a police report that you can give to your bank and amazon, and playstation. Call the non-emergency line and have the situation documented so you can provide the appropriate parties with documentation. I would also consider having your credit ran to make sure someone is not applying for credit with companies under your name. http://www.fixcreditscorerating.com offers a free credit report. Sorry about your situation, but you HAVE to get the police involved. Banks or vendors will not just take your word for it and give you money, the world is not that nice.

      by Kim Knox - 5 hours ago

    • Wow! It looks like someone has gotten a hold of your credit/debit card info..have u been ordering online or given out your credit card number by phone to anyone??? I'm sure the bank has insurance so tell the bank that the charges are not your and that you want to dispute those charges...the bank will then file a report and reverse the charges in some cases...but you will get your money back :) I suggest get a new debit/credit card number.

      by Nefertiti - 5 hours ago

    • Quick question: have you done anything risky in the past few months? Signing up for shady "give us your banking info, you get free smileys" deals or something like that could have easily compromised your account. It's also possible that you did a transaction over the internet at a public wi-fi spot, making it easy for hackers to just pluck your info from the unprotected network. Try to remember if you did any of these deals, and check with friends and family to see if [i]they[/i] used your info.

      by ? - 5 hours ago

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