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    Did my doctor's office send my bill to collections agency?

    I was seen at my doctor's office on 7/1/2010 for nausea and vomiting. I have insurance, and paid what I believed my co-pay amount was. It wasn't until 10/30/10 that I received a bill from a collections agency for $10.00. I was able to call the collections agency first thing Monday morning to verify that this bill was for that particular date. What confused me is that I never received a bill from my doctor's office concerning this matter. I am sure that they have my correct address and phone number. Did my doctor's office send me to collections too soon? Legally, is there a certain amount of times (or length of time) a medical office has to try to contact me before sending me to collections? This bill is only for $10.00. If this medical office is in the wrong, is this even worth fighting for or should I just pay it? Will it affect my credit score? Just what are my options?
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    Many doctors offices now use collection services...not to be confused with a collection agency. It's more like using a payroll service for them, instead of having to maintain the staff required to track money owed they use a service that does all of that for them. Simply ask your doctors office if this is what they do (it is what my doctor's office does). If this is what they do, it is just a money saving device for them and will not show up negatively on your credit report.
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    • Why aren't you raising hell with the doctor's office? That's the place to start. Demand that they pull that bill back from collections.

      by Woof - 20 hours ago

    • Send the bill from the collection agency to your insurance carrier. They will clear up the matter. But it's hard to believe that a doctors office would turn over a $10.00 bill to collections. It would cost him more that $10.00 to do so. Perhaps a call to the Dr's office could shed some light on all this.

      by Joseph - 20 hours ago

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