Is 70,000$ a year salary good?

okay im thinking about working as a veterinarian, and for my first start of paying its usually 40-70,000$ a year!!! is that good enough , is that considered "rich" in texas!?? or enough to have a decent house& car!

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70k is good depending on where in Texas you live. Just like the area where I live...Northern Virginia, 70k can get you a lot more in the northwestern part of the state, than it can just outside of DC.

It's all relative to "where" you live & the cost of living in that area.

Most of all, the choice to become a Veterinarian should not be dependent on the money, but a love for animals.

4 years ago

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If you can meet your monthly obligations without debt then you are in a good position

by Mary John - 4 years ago