How long does it take to receive a payment from ebay through paypal?

I sold my first item today. I'm pretty happy about it, however when I went to look at my paypal account, it says I haven't received any payments in the last 7 days. On ebay, the status says payed, and even on my right side selling bar, it says I have a total sales of the amount the buyer paid. I even checked the order details and it says Paid on 09-Sep-10 via PayPal with the check mark. I was just wondering, how long does it take? I don't want to give my item yet.
I'm pretty sure I put the right paypal account. When I first put up my auction, I saw it had my email in there, but since I don't have a paypal account, I put in my mom's which she let me use. When I click "see paypal transaction" it takes me to my mom's paypal history, it's empty.. I need some help. I hope I receive my payment and so I can ship my item .. :S

4 years ago - 2 answers

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If my ebay is showing that you were paid and your paypal account isn't, I would suggest verifying what email address you put in the auction for payments.

4 years ago

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It should happen by the next day - 5 days tops from my experience. Check with Ebay and see what the problem is.

by advancedmaster - 4 years ago