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    My dad received a $1000 check from FIA Card Services from Wilmington, Delaware. What is this?

    The only thing that is on the letter is the enclosed check and the following statement: Please accept the enclosed payment towards your customer's account number below. Please direct any correspondence payment to the above address. So my dad doesn't know who's FIA Card services and why are they sending him a $1000 check for nothing. Is it a scam or something, or what is this? Should he accept it or not? Thanks.
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    If your father doesn't know what the check is for, he should not cash it. Call the company and ask why the check.
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    Other Answers

    • It is most probably a SCAM... Don't cash it... It is probably a credit card - once you cash it you will automatically be issued a card AND you will be paying VERY HIGH interest on a new credit card...

      by David D - 11 hours ago

    • FIA Card Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of America Corporation. The company has a long history of high-quality financial services. It was founded as MBNA in 1982. Those days it was a small bank, based in a Newark, Delaware supermarket. Due to the new revolutionary methods of work they quickly become the leaders of financial industry. For example, MBNA was the first card issuer who offered 24 hour-a-day service to the customers. MBNA maintained their creditworthy customer base and attracted new customers by providing them with low interest rates and good service. MBNA's strategy was to offer credit cards that can be personalized or customized based on cardholders' passions and loyalties. For example, they offered plastics displaying family coats of arms or regional landmarks. By the mid-1990s, the company was issuing cards to the fans of nearly 200 professional sports organizations, including National Football League teams. In 2006 MBNA was acquired by Bank of America. It was renamed to FIA Card Services. This merger has brought together the resources of two major U.S. banks. Even though the company has a different name, the main principles of their work remain the same: exceptional level of service and exclusive rewards programs for the cardholders. FIA Card Services has a range of attractive credit card deals for business owners, students and consumers. They typically come with low fixed or introductory rates. The applicants are required to have a good credit rating. Your dad should read the information from FIA very carefully. I am sure they are not just giving away $1000. There has to be something in it for them.

      by Heather - 11 hours ago

    • FIA Card Services is Bank of America's credit card division ... they service a **** load of credit cards for an equal number of banks and credit unions ... It sounds like it may be a credit refund from an account with an overpayment ... Other than that,, he can call FIA and find out what it's for ...

      by drive_55_not - 11 hours ago

    • FIA works with Charles Schwab. Bet you anything he has a Schwab account. Other credit cards also use FIA - just not sure which. FIA card services is NOT a scam. They are one of the best card issuers out there - which require top scores to apply to them. Schwab used to own the best credit cards by Bank of America. Ask your dad to look at his credit reports. I wonder if he had a 1,000 credit balance on a credit card he forgot about. Tell him to check his credit reports at Annual Credit Report.com Bet you anything he'll find FIA on there. /

      by Go with the flow - 11 hours ago

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