lloyds bank mini statement, what does pay mean?

Just got a mini statement at the cash point and to my surprise a lump sum has been taken from the account with the word pay as the abbreviated reason for the transaction. Does this mean that the bank has taken a payment for something related to the bank itself. I have not made any payments for anything and besides that would show up as a debit. Anyone know? I do intend to check this out tomorrow at the bank.

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Not entirely certain, but it sounds like 'Payment' often associated with a direct payment either by request, Standing Order of Direct Debit. Have you agreed to any contracts in the last month that may relate to this such as mobile phone bill, storecard, utilities etc.

Slips from cashpoints are notorious for being limited in information and even misleading.

I would suggest you call them.

0845 3 000 000

Hope this helps


4 years ago