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    What Are My Chances of Getting Approved for Chase Cards?

    Received two pre-approval offers in the mail today from Chase. One for the Chase Freedom card and the other for the Chase Slate card. I know its not a guarantee that I'll actually be approved, but I felt like I should asked. I already have one credit card and a gas card, and an auto loan. I don't have ANY negative accounts or information (no charge-offs, late payments etc) on my credit reports at all. All are in great standing and are paid regularly ever since I actually started credit. I'm actually looking to pay my car off 3 years in advance. My 1st credit card has a high bal that will be paid off soon. Basically I'm just looking to see what my chances are. I'm not really concerned about the inquiry hits, because I don't apply for anything. Thanks for your answers!
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    If you got the preapproval letter your chances are good. If you have no fears over the small credit reduction that you get by applying then apply for one Chase card (which ever gives you the better benefit for the lowest cost.) If you get it just use it as a reserve card or a second card that you ALWAYS pay off in total so you have no interest fees. And work on getting that other card paid off in total as well. You are likely paying higher interest on the credit card than the auto loan. Pay the card off first, then the auto. Let the cards work for you instead of against you.
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    • If everything you say is correct, then you should be approved very quickly. Credit Card companies are ideally looking for someone like you. Not too much debt and a regular history of repayment.

      by Luis - 16 hours ago

    • How to get top 800+ scores. Get 2 credit cards. Use one for food and one for gas. Pay in full each month and never pay interest this way. Remember, employers check, so do landlords and car insurance companies (you'll pay more). Take care of that credit card with a balance now. Carrying balances, especially if over 30% of their available limits reduces your credit rating. Best to pay in full each month. /

      by Go with the flow - 16 hours ago

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