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    what does "ncdf ic payment" mean on my bank statement?

    I was looking over my bank statement and saw a $200 charge for NCDF IC I have no idea what it is for. I have googled and found nothing. I live in PA and the only thing I could remotely find was for a North Carolina coop. I called my bank and they said it was a purchase made with my debit card. I think I would remember a $200 payment.
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    Ask your bank if they have an address or a phone number for this debitor. Usually a bank has much more info - the teller answering your call was just lazy. Report it as fraud if they don't give you a phone number. Tell them that you KNOW you did not make this purchase. Also confirm that you are not in the habit of odering things online and doing things like surveys and job applications online. In other words - make sure you let them know that you are careful with your debit card. /
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    • There's a Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund (Minneapolis) that is involved in loans for coops. http://www.ncdf.coop/documents/FinalCompleteToolbox.pdf Unless the bank can give you better answers than what they gave you, challenge the charge. I've noticed that some on-line payments are processed through third parties for things I buy from a different company. That can throw you off if that's what happened.

      by Dan B - 5 hours ago

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