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    can my bank take money out of my account without my permission, for a credit card payment?

    i lost my job a while ago but finally just got hired, i was not able to make payments on a credit card i had with the same bank. my question is can they take money out of my account without permission to "pay off" whatever i owe them? i know i probably will not be able to make a payment really soon because i have other priorities at the time (food,gas) and the whole hiring process and training will take a bit. i would not like to wake up and find out they took the last couple hundred of dollars i had...
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    Yes, they can. It's called cross collateral. It's in the fine print of the credit card and probably the bank account too. If you fail to make on time payments on a loan or credit card, the bank can take the funds from your account. It's not a matter of an auto payment agreement. The bank account is collateral against the credit card. They are taking the collateral to cover the defaulted debt.
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    Other Answers

    • When you first got the credit card you signed something that set all the rules. It was probably in the fine print.

      by stevepitt2 - 3 hours ago

    • Yes they can. Read your account agreement. It's called "right of set off".

      by David14 - 3 hours ago

    • They may exercise their right of set-off against your accounts if you do not cooperate in establishing a payment plan. Just be honest with them and try to catch up as soon as possible. Most banks will work with you if you try to make a minimum payment. If you stonewall they will get either get a judgmentment and garnish your wages or use their right to set-off to collect the debt you owe them.

      by cainvest1 - 3 hours ago

    • Put your checking/savings at another bank so they can not debit your accounts

      by ? - 3 hours ago

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