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    Can i be sent to collections for a missed appointment fee?

    I missed an appointment recently, and am being charged a no show fee of $50. i do not intend to pay it. This is th first time i have ever missed an appt, and the Drs office ALWAYS calls to confirm my appt, well this time no one called, and they say "too bad" we call as a courtesy. I work for a dental office, and we call to confirm, if appt is not confirmed, we do not charge. We only charge for broken confirme appointments, and only if it is a second or more offense. I know someone else that No Showed an appt at my Dr, and was not charged anything for it. I have plead my case with the manager who was ridiculously rude. At this point i have no intention of paying, and was wondering if anyone had ever been sent to collections for a broken appointment? When no service was actually rendered?
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    Unless they made it clear in a written contract...or even a verbal contract, that there was a $50 broken appointment fee, then they do not have a leg to stand on. They only way someone can charge you ANY kind of fee is if you agree to it either in writing or verbally. And most verbal contracts are impossible to enforce. So, unless you have a CONTRACT that you signed with your doctor, it just isn't going to happen. And, if they threaten to send you to collections, tell them you will contact the Federal Trade Commission and let them figure-out who is right or wrong. Them for charging you a fee that you didn't agree to in advance...or you for refusing to pay it. Lawyers cost about $400 an hour, and I don't see any doctor's office wishing to pay $2,000 to try to enforce and collect a $50 fee for a missed appointment.
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    Other Answers

    • Not charging for an unconfirmed appt may be the policy in your office but it is not the rule in all practices. Yes you can be sent to collections for non payment. Some offices automatically turn all unpaid bills to collection agencies every six months like clock work. They have to at least notified you twice about the un paid balance. I have worked in doctors offices for years and have seen nice peoples credit ruined over ridiculous and unfair practices as these. I think you are between a rock and a hard place. Being that you work in a doctors office you have access to professional stationary I would write a letter directly to the doctor telling him what you think of his unfair practice and now sadly you will be dropping him as your physician. Address it directly to the doctor.

      by Arlene - 19 hours ago

    • Yes you can be sent to Collections for not paying this bill. The rules at the doctor's office are not the same as at your dental office and they don't have to be.

      by Patricia C - 19 hours ago

    • Yes, read your paperwork. I'm sure you sign something stating that the doctor would charge a no show fee. Most doctors offices sneak that into their new patient information packages. They did indeed render you services. They held a time slot open for you that could have been used to treat another patient. You owe it, but talk with the doctors office. If you have been a long time paying patient, they may agree to wave the fee. Good luck

      by Blubber - 19 hours ago

    • they have a right to get paid but I never heard of anyone who had to deal with a collection agency because of a missed appointment.

      by Maka - 19 hours ago

    • Sorry but you sound ridiculously arrogant. So what is the doctor supposed to do during the period of your missed appointment? It is too late to schedule anybody else because you have given him no warning and therefore he has lost a fee. I'm sure you'd be real unhappy if somebody's thoughtlessness caused you to lose part of your day's pay. The confirmation call IS a courtesy and there is no legal requirement for such a call to be made. Your debt will go to collections and it is unlikely your doctor will want to see you again

      by Sir Jam - 19 hours ago

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