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    Are There Any Online Programs That Offer Legit Rewards?

    I want to know if anyone knows about any online programs such as Open Mind Indoor Common Sense, or Amazon's MTURK program that offer rewards for work put in. I already know about most survey sites, and im looking for something more along the lines of something that allows you to do tasks online and be rewarded. Search engine searches mostly just net get rich quick schemes, so I figured id ask you all.
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    Moola.com is a site where you can essentially play games live against other people. You bet a certain amount of money and win/lose that amount. It's all ad-based revenue. You get a penny when you sign up for watching an ad, and you can double it by winning a game (or get another penny if you lose). By betting wisely, you can quickly drive up your money. I'm not a big bettor, so I didn't think Moola would be a great site for me, but they also give you money for doing Google searches through their website. If you install their "Booster Bar," you can get extra chances to win money by searching with them. I make about a dollar a day with the searches alone. All in all, it's a pretty good site. There's no adware or spyware, and I don't get any unwanted emails. You won't make a fortune (unless you're a better gambler than me), but a dollar a day adds up. The site is in beta-testing now, so you need an invite to join, but I can email you one if you're interested.
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    • There are still a lot of ways for you to make money. One site moneymakingideas.com offers lots of ways to earn money online. You can earn money reading emails and surfing the net. http://teenmoneymakingideas.com/category... This site will give you info on how to earn money actually just reading emails without spending a dime. Everything is free. You can also earn money writing. Visit this site to learn about this great industry. http://teenmoneymakingideas.com/category...

      by ? - 11 hours ago

    • There are lots of programs that offer money back for buying stuff via their affiliate links. Basically you sign up and then do all of your online shopping by first visiting their website. They will then give a percentage - e.g. 2-5%. Once you have accumulated a certain amount (normally $25-$50), they will send you a cheque or PayPal to your account. I am based in the UK and there are hundreds of these websites; e.g. mutualpoints.com, greasypalm.co.uk. There should be American ones too.

      by Sharyl - 11 hours ago

    • It's not a cash in hand website, but it does offer rewards, and is legit. You sign up at mypoints.com, and they send you email offers. Everything from book clubs to flowers from FTD to Overstock.com. You don't have to actually buy anything; you get points just for reading the email and clicking the link there. If you do decide to purchase anything, you get bonus points. If you're shopping online, go to the mypoints website first, then go to the online store of your choice, and you get points for each dollar spent. Some stores (like Barnes and Nobel, or Target) often offer extra or bonus points. They also have a games page where you can play for cash, and get points per dollar spent. They also have a credit card that you can use in everyday life to gain points for all your purchases. I don't have one of these myself, but I've seen them before (working in retail), and people have said they're very happy with them All your points add up over time, and you can cash them in for gift cards for just about anything under the sun. In the last few years I've gotten cards for Target, Barnes and Nobel, and Starbucks, probably totaly over $100. I have a huge pile of points that I'm just waiting for the right thing to spend them on. You can even put points toward airline miles. Just reading the emails means points pile up slowly. If you shop online they come in much faster. I buy any flowers or magazines or books by going to mypoints first, so the points do add up pretty quick.

      by ? - 11 hours ago

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