What is a purchase interest charge with Chase Credit Cards? Why was I charged it?

I was charged a Purchase Interest Charge. I've never been given a charge like that before. What is it? Why did I recieve it? I know it's not a Purchase Finance Charge because I was already charged that.

4 years ago - 3 answers

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Call Chase 1-800 they'll explain it to you.

Yesterday, in my CC statement, there's a $12.45 Fee charged. I called them and they told me because I made an international purchase (out of the country - TX) I said, I haven't been out of the country since 2009. They checked and there was an item that CAME from HK, but their store was TX USA. I told them, I was surprised this wasn't even stolen off my porch, it was a $2,000 item. I was supposed to sign item, and it was sitting on my porch for a week, and we're on vacation. I returned it, and CC credited my account. I'm still waiting for TX to credit my account.

4 years ago

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You'll have to call Chase and find out exactly what it is and why it was assessed. Chase (and some others) are adding so many new fees so fast, it's difficult to keep up.

by PooPooLaTrash - 4 years ago

I had the exact same charge. They are now listing your finance charge as an itemized (like a purchase) charge on your statement. So that is indeed your finance charge, it is just called something else.

by Jackie - 4 years ago