What does mail and rebate mean?

Ok, i want to get the back-flip (at&t) and it says its 99.99 after mail in rebate. 99.99 after a 100 dollar mail and rebate. Does that mean that i pay 100 dollars then another 99? Please help. Thx a ton!

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Yes. You pay $199.99 for the phone at the store and then you get $100 back when you mail in the rebate. It can take four to eight weeks to get the rebate back.

4 years ago

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No you mail in and they send you money

by jackbottoms2000 - 4 years ago

you pay 199 + tax on it and mail it in and att sends you a debit card with 100 dollars on it

by ineedacar - 4 years ago

You pay the full price for the phone ($199.99). Included in the package is a mail-in rebate coupon. You fill it out EXACTLY as instructed and include EVERYTHING they state on the coupon. If about 8 weeks, you'll get a check for the rebate amount ($100.00).

They're betting you'll lose the paperwork, get lazy and fail to mail in the rebate by the cutoff date or your rebate will get lost in the mail. Make copies of everything that you send in, just in case.

by Dan B - 4 years ago

You pay the required price, then mail in the information so that you will be refunded $99.99 of that amount.

by Dark Angel - 4 years ago