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    How does paypal scam work? What do they gain?

    Selling item through various auto sites. Guy says he will take it at bottom line price. Just send paypal info. I get that he could send fake certified cheque or something but what can he do with a paypal account that is fraudulent here? The only thing I can think of is an overpayment but the problem is that this is an RV!!!!????!!!! It's not like I can ship it. It is a park model even. He would have to pick it up. What is the scam here? I'm missing something but what is it? His emails are almost the perfect example on every scamming website around so I know its not on the up and up. Obviously we aren't selling to him or even considering it but I want to be aware for future reference.
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    You know it's a scam, just forget about him. The scam follows one of three variations. 1. He sends you a faked paypal letter saying he has paid paypal, but paypal can't release the money until you provide proof of shipment. Victims here send the item for free. 2. He steals a legitimate paypal account, pays you with stolen funds and then is nowhere to be found when the real account holder demands their money back. If he asks for a refund, he'll say he can't have you refund the paypal account and wants the money wired instead. 3. He overpays you (using a counterfeit check) and asks you to refund the excess money so he can pay "his shipper." There is no shipper. BTW, he's probably completely missed the fact that this is not an item smaller than a bread box. Look at his emails. Does it ever actually talk about your specific item or is it just generic.
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    • He will overpay you to your Papal account using a STOLEN credit card or a stolen paypal account. Then he will ask you to Western Union him the difference. He will also include a hefty amount to 'ship' your RV and ask you to Send the overage to his "shipper". The whole scam is to get you to pay out money. I stay away from them as a matter of course. Regardless of how you handle yourself, once the fraud is discovered, you could be liable for the entire amount. A second method is to send you a fake Paypal letter stating that the funds are in 'Escrow' until you ship the item. Usually this is used to get people to actually ship the item before actually discovering that the payment letter is fake. However in your case, it's easier to see that they want the money. They would know ahead of time that it is near impossible to expect that you would ship an RV to them before you get paid.

      by Marvinator - 20 hours ago

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