why did paypal charge me a dollar for using my debit card?

i have a checking account at wells fargo and i bought something off of ebay and they obviously took that amount out of my account but they also charged me a dollar. on my online banking, it says CHKCARDPAYPAL (*********) NEUS. i emailed paypal twice and have not gotten a response. can someone help?

4 years ago - 4 answers

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PayPal charges a dollar every time you use a debit card to verify its authenticity. It will be refunded or applied towards the amount of your purchase.

4 years ago

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Everytime you use paypal it takes a fee. How do you think they make money? So you should stop emailing them lol

by big johnny d - 4 years ago

see if you cant get a anser from pay pal but it is probly just to verifiy your account and will probly go back soon if not raise hell its your dollar

by moca - 4 years ago

It sounds like PayPal took the "verification" dollar from your account. Its basically used to verify information such as;name, address, account info..etc. Usually its takes about 5 days to get it returned to you. The good news is; it typically only happens one time!

by Cajun - 4 years ago