What happens if I use my debit card as a credit card?

Hey my name is Kandi and I'm 18 :-) I just received my debit card through the mail. After I activated if I forgot my pin number. I have been using it as credit does it really matter?

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No it doesn't matter if you use it as credit or debit. They both deduct your checking account. Just don't overdraw your account, otherwise you will be charged a fee. You should talk to your banker about your lost pin and reactive a new one.

4 years ago

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It doesn't matter, but it usually takes the funds a little longer to come outta your account.

by Pissed off Pussy - 4 years ago

Brace your self for huge transaction fees.

by Fred F - 4 years ago

it wouldnt work, or would it

by tony - 4 years ago

No technicaly it is a credit card as long as your not overdrawn you will be ok ^_^

by Joe - 4 years ago

The money comes out of the same place, so it doesn't really matter. If you run it as debit you type in your pin so you don't have to show ID or sign a slip.

And, so you know, you can request your pin from your bank.

by CaptivateMB - 4 years ago

no problem. just be prepared to pay the bill off when it comes due.

by homertime - 4 years ago

The primary difference between debit and credit is in the way that the transactions are processed. When you run your bank card as a debit card, you will be asked to enter a personal identity number (PIN), and the funds are removed from your account instantly. When you select a credit option, the transaction is verified with your signature, and the funds may not be removed from your account right away, depending on how the store processes its credit card transactions. Many do what is known as “batching,” meaning that all of the credit transactions are run in a batch, typically at the end of the day, and it may take several days for your credit transaction to clear.


by Lauren424 - 4 years ago

There are some businesses (Walgreens and Family Dollar, for example) that will force you to use a PIN with your debit card. Reason? PIN-based transaction costs are lower than signature-based transactions.

So, yeah, you'll have to clear up the forgotten PIN issue eventually. Incidentally, the "instant" method for distinguishing between a credit card and a debit card: A debit card has the hologram on the front while a credit card has the hologram on the back.

by Jack Corbin - 4 years ago

no just don't forget how much you have left to spend or you will be overdrawn and have to pay overdrawn fees!!

by Robert W - 4 years ago