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    Why does it take 21 days for payment to clear through PayPal on eBay?

    A buyer bought a product and sent the payment. However, it said that it's pending or on hold for 21 days. Does this mean I have to wait 21 days for the payment to clear before I deliver the item to my customer?
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    Once you receive confirmation of payment, you are required to ship the item within 7 days. However, the money is not released to you until they have some assurance that you have met your obligations (buyer protection). The quickest way to get your money is to get positive feedback from the buyer, but any buyer with any sense is not going to do that before they receive the item. It is best to use a shipping method that provides proof of delivery, but you may have to wait 21 days if you only have proof of shipment. If you have no proof of shipment or positive feedback, the waiting period would be 45 days (deadline for the buyer to dispute it).
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    • The reason for that is because you, as a seller, do not have a large enough history. Therefore, PayPal and Ebay have put a new policy in place to help prevent scammers from taking money without delivering the goods...or, vice versa. The hold that has been placed on your money is designed to prevent the buyer from being scammed out of their money...so that means, you must ship the item, and the buyer must confirm receipt, or no complaints must be filed, for you to be able to claim your funds. If the buyer submits confirmation that they have received your item before 21 days are up, you can claim your funds sooner; however, you MUST ship your item as soon as possible to be able to get the release on these funds. I know, I know, the buyer may have paid shipping costs with their payment; however, PayPal and Ebay don't care. You must ship the item first, due to your low seller rating. Trust me, I think it's a rotten way of doing business too! Best of luck to you!

      by DoubleL - 12 hours ago

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