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    Why can't I use my Vanilla Visa Gift Card on eBay?

    It's activated. I already registered it. It's the $25 one. I got this message when I tried to buy something off eBay: "Your credit or debit card has been declined for this transaction; PayPal could not validate the card. Please verify that the information you entered is correct, or try a different credit or debit card."
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    did you register the card online in your name ? paypal (Or eBay) cant find a matching billing address for the card since apparently you didn't register the card online with your name and address read the following article it should help explain things when using gift cards online Using Visa or American Express Gift Cards to Shop Online One of the most asked gift card questions, particularly on Yahoo Answers is whether you can use a Visa or any other bank issued gift card (American Express, Discover, or MasterCard) to shop online. The answer is yes. However, there are additional steps you have to take to prevent your card from being rejected by the merchant. The problem with using Visa (or any other bank issued) gift card online is that there is no verifiable name and address associated with the card. When buying things online, most merchants want your name and billing address to match the name and address you have on file with your card (credit, debit, or bank gift card) issuer. Therefore, before you use your Visa or other bank issued gift card, call the merchant/financial institution that issued the card or go to their website and add your name and address to the card. This will ensure that when you use the card online, the name and address you provide to the merchant for billing will match the name and address on file for the card. Once you have registered your card, you can use it online just like you would use a regular credit card. If your information (name and address) has changed since you registered your Visa gift card, call the card issuer or go online and update your information before you use the card online.
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    • Typically on eBay/PayPal they would want to verify the name and shipping/billing address. Since this is a pre-paid card, you wouldn't be able to verify it. I would suggest contacting the seller and see if they have a way to run the card directly. If not just buy it with your credit/debit card and use the gift card for something else locally.

      by The Dude - 18 hours ago

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