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    What happens when someone writes me a bad check?

    I am a girl scout troop leader. Recently we sold nuts and chocolates. One of my scouts mom paid me with a check that came back NSF. She refuses to pay me now saying she doesn't have the money. What are my options? Can I have her arrested for theft? Or is this just a civil matter?
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    In my state it's a federal felony to write a bad check. That person can easily end up in jail. Call the police. I had a friend that the police came to her house (the cop car lights on), knocked on her door, and put her in handcuffs, and took her away. Left her kid alone with me - I didn't even know the kids real name, or any family. /
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    Other Answers

    • Are you serious? Is overreacting and a sense of vindictive mean-spirtedness a "value" that girl scout troop leaders are teaching young girls these days? Writing a bad check is not good....but do you seriously want to have someone arrested or prosecuted for writing a bad check for a box of girl scout cookies??? Maybe this woman is being hurt by the economy...she probably deserves a break...Use your energy instead to sell more cookies to make up for this one order. Or....if you want to be mean...take her to small claims court to get a judgement to damage her credit rating so she can't qualify for a mortgage, rental property, loan or maybe a job...The woman clearly deserves to have her future destroyed for what she did....

      by CatDad - 12 hours ago

    • I don't know about any "federal felony", but it is against the law to pass worthless checks in any state. I'm assuming the amount is under 50 bucks, so its hardly worth putting someone in jail for. If you're really concerned about recouping the cash (as you should be) then you can take the check to your local DA's office where ever the bad check writer resides. The DA could send a nasty gram (otherwise known as a letter from the prosecutors office) with a request for payment. Normally with small amounts, the DA never intends to prosecute the person, but the letter might be effective in getting her attention! As another answerer said; she could be having difficulties paying due to some form of hardship, and you might have more luck settling for getting the COST of the product, rather than the RETAIL price! Some is better than none, and if she could make good on whatever the goods cost you, at least thats something. Now if you incurred returned check charges from YOUR troops account, then you would probably want those fees back as well. Try and compromise..is what I'm trying to say!

      by Cajun - 12 hours ago

    • If you were selling Girl Scout cookies, this would not be your problem. You would report the matter to your local Girl Scout Council, which would report it to Girl Scouts USA, which in turn has processes in place to get the money. Was the selling of nuts and chocolates authorized by your local council? If so, turn the problem over to them. Even if not, see if they can help. If not, you may be out of luck. You could say: If you can't pay, please give us back the unopened boxes. You could also toss the girl out of the troop, although that's not a nice thing to contemplate. You could say: When will you have the money, and in cash? See if maybe you get an honest answer. If that doesn't happen, it's clear that the mother has no intention to pay. Was this a matter of a few boxes purchased by the family for their own use and then found they didn't have the money to pay? Or was it a large order, where the girl collected the money from the people who wanted the product? If that's the case, the family likely pocketed the cash and then wrote you a rubber check...bad stuff. Forget about criminal charges. It is more of a civil matter, but it would cost money to bring the civil case to court. At any rate, hopefully I've given you a few things to think about. Good luck! UPDATE $172, huh? Yes, that's a large amount. For the future, you probably want to follow the GS policy regarding cookie sales even when selling other items: they don't accept checks from a single individual for more than $100, which limits their losses in such instances.

      by DON W - 12 hours ago

    • You can have her arrested, but not for theft. Have her arrested for passing bad checks, which is a different offense. Technically, the answer to your original question "What happen when someone writes me a bad check" is that nothing happens when she writes the check; the violation of the law does not happen until she hands you the check or mails it to you.

      by StephenWeinstein - 12 hours ago

    • apparently the lady is being a jerk. and you should tell someone before she does this to more people... but honestly this economy is bad enough, people suing each other for stupid things and now you want to arrest a lady for not paying for girl scout cookies.... that's a little insane don't you think? girls getting moms arrested?

      by nobody - 12 hours ago

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