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    How to file a complaint for non-payment of debt with the 3 credit reporting bureaus?

    I am an individual (not a business or realtor) who got stuck with some property when I relocated out of state for a job. I rented the property, but unfortunately got stuck with some bad renters. Scenario #1: I had to evict some tenants for non payment of rent and they did about $8,000 worth of damages to my property. I took them to small claims court and won a judgment for about half that amount. Scenario #2: One guy whom I believed to be a good tenant (because he always paid on time and was pleasant via phone) turned out to be an extremely sloppy man who never cleaned and caused about $1,000 in damage due to neglect (left water standing in the bathroom causing the floors to buckle and mold to grow). I was able to recoup part of the damages from his security deposit, but not all. He has refused to pay the balance owed (about $350), and I'd rather not pursue him via the courts because it would cost me more to travel out there and sue him than the balance he owes. Yet I want to hold him accountable for his actions in some way. How can I file complaints with the 3 top credit reporting bureaus against these 2 sets of renters?
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    You can't. Individuals cannot turn stuff in on someone to show up as negative on their credit report because they owe them money. And the so called damages you say they cased you can't make up a number and say it's this much and they owe me that and turn it in as bad debt on someone's credit. Nice try though.
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    • You have to subscribe to the credit bureaus in order to report to them. It is not cheap. You could try turning the debt over to a collection agency. They would report the debt to the credit bureaus and maybe they could collect the balance. You could also sue them and get a judgment. The judgment would show up on their credit report.

      by bdancer222 - 5 hours ago

    • First of all, you most certainly CANNOT file complaints with the 3 credit reporting agencies because you do not have a data furnisher's agreement and/or account established with them; and you would definately need to establish that first. Secondly, by not being a business you are leaving your personal finances to be at risk when you rent to individuals that you assume you can trust by ending up stuck with all these debts after they've not done what they were suppose to do with your renter's agreement. Lastly, what you will need to do is strongly consider becoming a credit reporting depository account with the three credit reporting agencies, and establishing an account with them to be able to report your bad debt accounts; but since you are dealing with smaller number of tenants you would not qualify with the bureaus as they normally would require a minimum of 500 or more accounts to establish an account for you. The only option that would work for you is to establish yourself with a Real Estate Renters Account that will allow you to prescreen, review and/or observe the credit histories of your applicants before you rent to them. This is called "Prescreening of Applicants". Once you establish this type of account, which is normally software driven, and has a monthly access fee attached to it, you would then be able to see previous renter's histories and where they stand creditwise by having this type of account. If you would be interested in securing this type of account, our credit agency can send you the application where you can apply for it through our company and we can have you up and running in a few days or so. Processing time to setup this type of account is normally one week and/or no more than two weeks maximum as long as you have the application completed properly. You can contact us directly at: http://www.thecreditfilesmistress.com and use the Contact Us link to get in touch with us for more information and details to apply for this service. The entire setup, activation of this account, providing you with the credit report upon request, credit/rental history, verification of driver's license, bounced check issues, and etc. are all covered with this new account. The setup and activation fee for it is normally $1,250.00; but we can set you up if you act now for only $800.00. Contact Us today for more information and/or an application for this service. If you ever want to report your client's or customer's credit to the credit reporting agencies; we can assist you with setting that type of account up also.

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