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    How could someone steal my debit card number WITHOUT physically having my card?

    About 2 weeks ago, I had a sugar craving and decided to go to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and grab a doughnut. Well, I hand over my debit card to pay for it--- and the cashier comes back to the window and says "I'm sorry; your card's been (shushed voice) .. declined." I tell her "Can you try again? I literally just got gas before coming here..." Once again, DECLINED. I get home, call my bank and the man tells me he must transfer me to someone above him. Well, now a female supervisor is on the phone and asks me "OK, Ms. M, I just need to ask you a few questions for verification: Did you get gas at Exxon on October 24th?" "Yes." .... "Did you shop at Macy*s yesterday?" "Yes.".... "Have you made any out of town purchases?" ....... "No." "Well, that's the problem.. .someone tried to withdraw $270 and then $68 in Canada." How the hell?????! Thank God no money was taken out; I was sent a new debit card, but people--- please explain to me the ways someone can do this!! I'm still thinking about it, because I do use my debit a lot-- my mom advised me to now use it as credit and even take out cash from the actual bank (inside, not the ATM machine) isntead of using my card.. Once again, how could this happen??
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    This happens. There is a device called a "skimmer" that can be attached to a card reader in a retail establishment. When you use your debit card and punch in your PIN number, the skimmer downloads that information from the card reader into its own hard drive. The crooks then have both your card information and your PIN number. They can then clone your magnetic strip onto a card blank (readily available) and use the card with your PIN number. Since the information is in digital form, they can transmit it anywhere in the world. All of this is quite illegal. But it can be done if one crooked employee at any one of the retail establishments where you used your card was paid to attach a skimmer to the card reader. Just one crooked employee is enough to steal your card information.
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