am having a paypal problem not sure if its fraud?

am selling a camera on gumtree. the buyer asked to send the money via paypal. first paypal asked for the shipping receipt then they can credit the money to my account. then they sent me email saying their department has made an error with my payment, which they send £300 more than the total amount. so they asked me to send £300 via western union within 48 hrs refund the balance to the buyer so they won't stop the transfer of the payment in transit into my PayPal account. its truly a nightmare n i dont know if i should tranfer the £300. can someone familiar with these system tell me if i can trust this. many thanx

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Contact Paypal. Do not respond to the request for the Western Union transfer.

5 years ago

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this does NOT sound right. I would cancel this transaction, and seek a refund immediately. It might help to call/e-mail PayPal ASAP.

by duelly. - 5 years ago

sounds like it report it to paypal and dispute

by - 5 years ago

paypal isnt legally a fraud or spam but it has so many rules and guide lines that its not even worth it. they keep trying to keep my money that they owe me and now i have to find the loop hole past it. if you get one, be sure to be smart about it.

by kiwi - 5 years ago

You're being scammed. Don't send any money. Call the authorities.

My guess is that you clicked on a link provided you by the "buyer" that took you to a site that looked just like paypal but wasn't. Check the URL of the site you're on. Does is say or does it say something like or

by dbraunofva - 5 years ago

don't trust paypal unless you are accessing it via the gumtree website. Paypal has been really dodgy lately aka people pretending to be paypal are sending emails aying you need to add extra details or something then stealing your details. DON'T DO IT! XX

by ♥ Verbal Question Mark ♥ - 5 years ago

Don't send anybody anything via Western Union! You will never see it again! Just deal with PayPal only! It looks like a scam is being run on you. PayPal will keep the money is escrow to protect you. Don't send these people any money directly!!!!!!


by justasking - 5 years ago

not familiar, but i know u feel pressured into doing this fast- but don't! it is probably fraud!! its not that hard to process payments if thats what your business does everyday- and u would just re do it on pay pal, not western union! has to be a total fraud!

by brittney s - 5 years ago

its fraud. go to your paypal account, NOT THROUGH THE EMAIL LINK and check paypal, if the £300 is needed ul be £300 OVERDRAWN

delete the email and dont worry and dont hand over any money

by tinow - 5 years ago

Anything with western union is suspect. I wouldn't do it until you have all of the information and the money in your account.

by Mn - 5 years ago

well if ur not buying stuff on ebay i wont trust it
paypal is not a fraud but if people ask u to send money to them first
with out sending the item or giving u the shipping code i wouldnt do it
and no Check the email address also
it could be a fake check the email and talk to one of the paypal customers and tell them if this is real if they say yes then do it if not
could be that guy ur selling it to making his money back

by david ng - 5 years ago

If you received an email from them, first do this: If you are using outlook, open the email, then under "View" click "Options" it will show you all of the header material. In the very first line you will see the "Return Path" listed. If it does not say in the email address, then it is a fake!

If you are unable to do this, look on the PayPal site for their support email address (you'll never reach them by phone!), and send them the email as an attachment, and explain to them you wish to know if this is legitimate or not.

by OnlyMos - 5 years ago

Forget it - WEstern Union is a known scam alongside of PP.

by Sal*UK - 5 years ago

It's a scam - don't touch it.

by migdalski - 5 years ago

This is a variation of the classic scam where the buyer sends you too much money and then asks you to refund the overpayment. Of course the buyer sent you a counterfeit check or, in this variation, phony correspondence from paypal. It just screams SCAM!!
By the way, Paypal's website tells you not to use Western Union unless you are absolutely sure who you are dealing with.

by frak1a12345 - 5 years ago