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    How did someone get my Debit Card number and use it in a Walmart without the card?

    I got a phone call from Fraud Prevention, and while I was waiting decided to check my account to see if something was up. Yep.. someone used my debit card number and spent luckily only $368.91. My pin was not used, and I physically have my card in my possession. I have to go to the bank tomorrow and fill out paperwork to get my money back, and will get it back, but I don't understand how they did it. I could see if they got my number and used it online, but they actually went into a Walmart and spent the money. That's what I don't understand, they can't just hand a credit card number to the cashier and the cashier use it, They had to of made a card or something. What could I have done to give them this ability, I'm baffled. Like I said I could see if it was online but it was only about 4 counties away from me- So they had to of somehow got the info here physically- I need ideas of how they did it, so I know how to prevent it next time.
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    Unfortunately there are several ways people can get your information and use it. There was a problem not too terribly long ago where people were getting card numbers from gas pumps. Some ATM machines discovered that people figured out how to strip numbers and use numbers from their machines. A guy was arrested a few months ago for installing a machine that read card numbers right in a grocery store (he was a cashier). To use it online of course is the easiest way. I can order something from the best buy store right down the road from my house online, so it would appear that I used it at the store. But, there are also dishonest and thieving employees who will just enter the numbers manually without needing to swipe them. You did the right thing though. Keep an eye on your account and if you see charges you did not make notify your bank immediately. Make sure when you leave a machine that it is displaying the welcome message for the next person (as in, it's not still in your account for the next person to use). I like to hit clear after making purchases, especially at gas pumps and atm machines, to verify that my account is no longer on the screen.
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    • It usually happens in restaurants because once your server walks away with the debit card, they can make a copy then have a duplicate one made. That's why I always pay cash or a credit card when we go out to eat. To be on the safe side, you should put your name on fraud alert through Trans Union Fraud Dept. Their toll free # 1-800-680-7289. They'll notify the other 2 bureaus and must be renewed every 90 days in order to keep it active. Better to be safe than sorry later.

      by ? - 10 hours ago

    • question have you used a ATM recently scammers sometime attached a skimmer decivie to the ATM which reads your card number and pin code

      by travelmaster - 10 hours ago

    • you need to call each of the credit bureaus and have them put a fraud alert on your account - it is free. Also have them send you a copy of the credit reports so you can check for anything wrong with them. you can have them put a fraud alert on your credit every 3 months I believe, that will stop a lot of potential fraud on your accounts. Best to call your bank or the company you have that debit card with, cancel it and have them send you a new card. My mom's credit card got used - without the card. Turns out it was a company that was packaging her prescriptions, they had her card number on file and one of their employees used it online or for over the phone purchases... If they had an actual card, they were probably more sophisticated crooks with the magnetic tape creator, then just slap it on the back of another card, run it thru the card reader and there you go. it's no fun going thru that stuff.

      by Cboo94 - 10 hours ago

    • I had a similar situation happen to me, turns out they had a cashier run the card with an old slip from a pizza delivery driver. You know those little machines that slide the ink over the paper that is covering your card? They saved that and used it to charge up all kinds of goodies. As for fixing it, I bank with TD Bank and they have cards that are completely flat, so you cannot take an impression of them. They also have allowed me twice to change my card for a new one when I thought it was compromised.

      by Larry - 10 hours ago

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