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    Where is the issue number on my lloyds tsb debit card?

    Hello, i need to order some items of the internet, and the website is requiring an 'issue number' i cannot find this on my card, can you please tell me what to type in and how to type it in, thank you so much x
    3 months ago 7 Answers

    Best Answer

    You have seen thoroughly both side of your debit card and have not found any issue number. Hence whenever in any transaction issue number is asked for just ignore it and your transaction will go through.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • It doesnt have an issue number, disregard that field just leave it blank and go to the next one

      by Silence - 4 hours ago

    • Not all debit cards have an issue number eg if it has the visa logo there is none.

      by Johnka - 4 hours ago

    • A llyods TSB card wont have one, it only building societys that really have them, just leave it blank

      by Celticchick - 4 hours ago

    • Only hsbc Maestro debit cards have issue numbers in d uk now, yours will not have 1.

      by Lucky1 - 4 hours ago

    • Some cards don't have an issue number, yours is probably one of them. Just leave the box blank.

      by bard - 4 hours ago

    • Hi! The issue number is a single figure, usually found at the bottom of the card, to the right of the expiry date. Sometimes, even though there is a field for you to input the issue number when you are buying on line, it isn't compulsory to put it in. If you can't find one on your card, try skipping the 'issue number' field and you will probably find it will accept your payment. Hope this helps.

      by 71cooldude - 4 hours ago

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