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    My credit score is 571 and I need to get it up to 620 or higher.?

    I only have a car loan, and two credit cards. One has a 500 credit limit and my balance is 210.00 and the other one has a 540.00 credit limit and has a 538.00 balance.What can I do to get it up. I have been paying my bills on time since 2007. I need help.
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    The quickest way to raise your score is to pay down those credit cards quickly. You never want to use more then 30% of your credit line if possible, the lower your utilization ratio the better (under 10% is great). So pay down the cards and your score will begin to rise. Do not use them once paid off for a few months as it takes time for the credit reporting agencies to show a $0 balance. Go to the following to learn more: http://www.myfico.com/CreditEducation/ Hope this helps answer your question
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      by Helen Peterson - 13 hours ago

    • You need to get that card that has a $538 balance waaaaay down or paid off. Utilizing close to 98% of your credit limit, even on that one card will kill your score every month.

      by Genuine Guidance - 13 hours ago

    • You should keep the utilization of credit below 30% on all cards. Let's say the total credit available to you is $1000. You should have no more than $300 in outstanding debt. You'll see the biggest jump in score if the entire balance is paid off. However, going from 571 to 620 won't make much of a difference. You'll still be looked at as sub-prime by lenders. Get your score over 650 and you'll be considered a much better credit risk.

      by message_board_ceo - 13 hours ago

    • You need to pay off your credit cards and keep the total balance below 30% of the total limit, ie below $300.

      by MadMan - 13 hours ago

    • It will take about a year!

      by B - 13 hours ago

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