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    What is the start up credit score when you turn 18?

    Just curious, I'm 29 so it's waaayyy too late for me, but I'm just wondering on your 18th birthday what number are you started at? Do you start from the very bottom and work your way up? Or do you start in the median range?
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    There is no "score" if you have no credit. Until someone gets something put on their credit reports (a new credit card account, installment loan, or something bad such as a collection) they do not have a score at all. If said individual were to pull up their reports they would receive an "N/A". Let's say an individual (regardless of age) has nothing on their reports and decides to get a credit card, after that first on-time payment was made, they would have around a 600 mid-score, and the more on-time payment are made, mixed with the account aging, his/her score would begin to gradually increase. Consumers who have the best scores out there typically have an average account age of 3 years, with at least two open revolving lines of credit, one open installment account and low balances with NO late payments and/or collections. Good luck.
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    • You are not at any number when you turn 18. A number is assigned to you only after something about you is reported to the credit bureau by a creditor. At that time, your first credit score is calculated based on what that creditor reported.

      by StephenWeinstein - 15 hours ago

    • You start at zero since you have no credit, therefore no credit score. It is kind of like a ballgame - you don't start those with a score, either.

      by knowitall - 15 hours ago

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