Is a Credit Score of 535 good?

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This should explain it to you.

FICO scores from 300 to 850 and Vantage scores from 501 to 990.

Here is the breakdown for both systems.

Vantage system scores from 501-990.

FICO system scores from 300-850.
Elite-740-& up
Sub-prime-624-& under

So as you can see it doe's not matter which system you go by (even though FICO is the only one that counts) a 535 score is very sub-standard.


5 years ago

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by D - 5 years ago

Nope. Pretty terrible actually.

by D'Artagnan Pluck - 5 years ago

No - needs improvement.

by PJ - 5 years ago

nope, do a google search of credit scores and what they mean

by Brian F - 5 years ago


by the real sam - 5 years ago

usually a credit score in the 700's is pretty good..

by crazecheeca - 5 years ago

lol.. No not at all.
Good would be a 620-700

by sunshyn1919 - 5 years ago

I'm afraid that is considered a poor credit score.

by Not so smarty pants - 5 years ago

No it sucks it should be above 700

by ruski - 5 years ago

It's pretty bad. A good credit score would be around 750.


by barbiecookieromantic - 5 years ago

Not great. It's about as bad as you'd want it. Stop charging, pay down your debt. Make more than the minimum payments, and make those payments on time. Don't apply for any new credit cards, use only what you've got, and when you charge something, come straight home and pay it off!

by Erin - 5 years ago

It is not good, but not horrible. Good is considered anything higher than a 660, excellent is anything higher than an 800, and horrible is anything less than a 500. Therefore a 535 is on the verge of having a pretty awful credit score, but the good news is- it still leaves something to be worked on, it could be alot worse!

by jessica s - 5 years ago

A FICO score of 535 is only good compared to a FICO score of less than 535. Someone with a FICO of 535 has proven over time to be unreliable in paying their debts. Someone with a FICO of 535 would need a cosigner to obtain any type of loan from any credible bank or finance company. Someone with a FICO of 535 should consider the following actions..

1. Make a budget
2. Obtain gainful employment, or a 2nd or 3rd job
3. Stop having children if applicable
4. Stop using drugs and/or alcohol if applicable
5. Stop gambling if applicable


by Steve - 5 years ago

Its pretty bad. No one will approve you for anything. Has to be above 700 to be good and 800 to be excellent.

by Marcie H - 5 years ago

No! You will need 750 or higher to get good interest rates and most credit i.e car, school and home loans. Employers and landlords are also checking your credit to to see if you are a risk. You can start by paying off your credit cards without being late. However, do not cancel any of your credit cards when they are paid off that will also lower your credit score. For now concentrate on getting a high credit score by paying off any outstanding loans or credit cards. You can also call the creditors and see if you can get your interest rate lowered. Always be courteous when asking and ask for the person who can grant you the lower interest rates, most time you must ask for the manager. Good luck

by Nettajay - 5 years ago