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    my wallet got stollen back in december of 08 i reported it to the police, it had my social security number and boy 2 sons ssn. I am beyond stupid for ever having those in my wallet. But recently I am trying to go back to school and the financial aid people are saying that my name doesnt match up with my ssn and i am freakin out. What if someone is using our ssn? I dont know who to contact who to tell or anything. Someone please help me with what to do, im desperate to protect my childrens future and my own. please and thank you
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    Contact the credit bureaus like yesterday. Hopefully you have a copy of your police report, if not get a copy right away. What you need to do is get in touch with Equifax and Transunion's fraud departments so they can put a fraud alert and/or freeze on your credit profile. You need to get copies of your credit reports quickly and dispute anything that's not right or not yours. Keep copies of your communications in a binder, so you won't have to scramble to find or remember anything. Good luck.
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    • The software typically matches up the first 4 letters of your last name. So if your name is SMITH, it uses SMIT. If you got married, did you change your name with the SSA? Do you have a hyphenated last name, like SMITH-JONES or an hispanic name like GARCIA LOPEZ. The program could be checking on JONE and LOPE when it should be using SMIT and GARC. Step one. go to nearest SSA office with ID and ask them to verify it for you. Step two. Use irs form 4506-T and request a copy of your tax return.

      by Quick Answers - 16 hours ago

    • Contact the Social Security office and any other agency (like credit card companies) whose cards may have been lost ASAP

      by not 2 B fooled - 16 hours ago

    • You should have immediately run your credit reports (all three bureaus) and placed security freezes on your records (and those of your children). Do so now.

      by kj566 - 16 hours ago

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