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    If a payday loan company is suing you and you don't show up to court what will happen?

    What will happen, warrant, garnishments??
    6 months ago 8 Answers

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    Um, the plaintiff wins by default. By failing to appear, you allow the court to make up the penalty as they see fit. This means they can issue a warrant, wage garnishment and/or issue a judgment against you on your credit. All not good. So if you plan on not going, it's better you go & defend yourself. If you missed it already, you've got issues. You should receive a letter of judgement soon.
    a few seconds ago

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    • Not showing up is the worst thing you can possibly do. Even if you are frightened....or you're sick with a 102 degree fever...or if you think that you'd loose...show up anyway! If you don't, the other side will get a default judgment and they will get this on THEIR terms. They will tack on all sorts of add-on fees and the amount of the judgment could end up being two or three times the actual amount of the debt. Even if you loose, you can negotiate much more favorable repayment terms if you show up. If you don't show up, the payday loan company will get everything they want...

      by CatDad - 13 hours ago

    • Garnishment only.It's a private debt like any other so thats all they can do .It can be for up to 25% of your net.If in California and you can't afford 25% because you have kids,child support or hard ship,you can apply to sheriffs dept for a reduction as low as $10 a check.

      by Gaijin - 13 hours ago

    • They will get a default judgment against you. That means they automatically win. You'll then get a certain amount of time to pay the money that the judge has agreed that they've won. It varies from state to state, but is typically 20 to 30 days. If you don't pay within this time period, the payday advance company can garnish your wages or your bank accounts.

      by That was a fine cigar! - 13 hours ago

    • If you don't show up, it's possible that the court may enter a default judgment against you. There wouldn't be a warrant since you've done nothing criminal, but they could garnish wages at that point.

      by DaylightsDarkness - 13 hours ago

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