I just received a cashiers check from Navy Federal credit union of almost three grand?

I dont know if its real it just arrived in a ups envelope and there was nothin else but the check....what should i do??

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Put it through the test of verifying the routing number. You can do that at this site: It will tell you which bank the routing number belongs to and if that is different than the bank on the check then you are certain to have a bogus check. In which case you could notify the real bank and let them know that you received the check and give them the account number so that they can issue a fraud alert to the account.

5 years ago

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Throw it away, it is probably a scam.

by melissa - 5 years ago

Throw it away!!

if you cash it, it will hold against your account-then when it bounces you will owe the 3gs.

by NurseyPants - 5 years ago

was this a planed check or just one that showed up in the mail if so i would not only throw it away but tare it up first. we got one for 5,000 and when we went my husband read the underlineing u have to cash it and only 50 dollars u can use then the check will bounce and u have to pay the bank back and the company gets all of your money. i would throw it way or u can take it up to your bank and see what they think about it but i would throw it away if i dont know the company or know that i shouldnt be getting money from any body or companies if i get a check i throw it away.

by mleanne13 - 5 years ago

Is there any one in your family who died and may have left u as the next of kin I would look up the banks info and call.

by frstbrnchld - 5 years ago

If you weren't expecting the check, then it's a scam. Put it in shredder.


by stan c - 5 years ago

If it is not a scam, it should have had something on it that would indicate what it is for, or a letter attached to let you know why you are receiving it.

You can take it to the bank and deposit it, but do not spend the money until it clears the original bank. That can take two weeks or longer, but your bank may release the funds to you before that. Do not spend it until it clears the originating bank! If the check is no good, your bank will charge a small fee for processing (like $5, usually)

Your bank should be able to call and see if the account exists, and if there are funds in it that would cover the check. Or, you can call the credit union itself, and as what the check is for, and who the payer is. That may clear it up. It may be a gift from a relative or something.

Good luck...I hope its real windfall money. But be very careful. I had a secret shopper service send me a check like that recently, and it was a scam. Lots of them out there.

by Denese - 5 years ago

Did you every have an account at the Navy Federal CU?
Is it made payable to you?
Is your name spelled correctly?
Does it have your account number on it?
Is your name easily mistaken for another's name?
Is there anything on the check that gives the reason?
Is it a personal check from someone or a business ledger check?

Call the credit union and ask them why you got the check.

If you didn't initiate any action to receive the check, it's probably not yours. If you cash it and spend the money, it's check fraud because you knew or should have known the check wasn't yours even if your name is on it as payee.

Red the fine print. It's not unusual to receive a check in the mail with fine print somewhere that says, "By cashing this check, you agree to the terms and conditions of this loan." Somewhere else, the terms and conditions are, "29% interest rate, 10 year term, plus your first born son."

by Dan B - 5 years ago

i got something like this last yr & my bank checkt it out. sadly,BOTH chex were fraudulent. if i were u, i'd take the thing 2 the bank & they'll investig8 & find out that the chex probly real but the acct's fraud. come 2 also learn thru the bank investigation that the reputable comp's name was fraudulently used w/o their permission. when u go 2 the bank, i'd ALSO take w/ u the pack it came in so the bank has something 2 go on. however, if u DO decide 2 deposit it, then don't touch it 4 about 10-14 days. when the time comes u'll c 4 yerself it was a fraud & u'll B able 2 return the $$$ right back 2 the bank immediately. if u spend it u'll B in big trouble when it comes back bad. i was warned of this when i got mine. these chex origin8 when ppl put out e-mails seeking ppl 2 work 4 them from home, OR B a mystery shopper. i wouldn't open ANY of these types of e-mails. if it sounds 2 good 2 B true, it probably is. don't cash it til the bank chex it out 4 u. u'll c it was fraud

by saved_astronaut - 5 years ago

I received a cashiers check from Navy federal Credit Union in the amount of 6850 and the routing number is 256074974 is this a scam

by Prophetess Sabrina - 8 months ago

i got one also me its a scam

by chuckied97 - 5 months ago