is a husband Responsible for his wife's credit card bill's if they are in her maiden name?

no. our marrige is strong . she's getting taken to small claim's court over it,
thank's . it look's like we need to have our own bank account's, we live in illinois,

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It depends.

If your name is on the accounts as a joint signer or you live in a community property State and she opened the accounts after you got married then yes your liable.

If on the other hand your name is not on the accounts and you either don't live in a community property State or you do and the accounts were opened before your were married then no your not liable.

Community property States are as follows;

AZ, CA, ID, LA, NV, NM, TX, WA & WI.

Now since she is being taken to court if the credit card companies win and get a judgment they can attach bank accounts even if they are joint and file liens on any real property she may own or have her name on like cars, boats, land and homes.

And weather she goes by your last name or her maiden name makes no difference.


5 years ago

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Yes, spouses will be asked to pay, what name they used is irrelevant.

by ali b - 5 years ago

They aren't attached to her name, the are attached to her social security number.

Since she is going to court over these, they can attach a lien to anything with her name on - including joint assets. They can also go after any savings, checking, or other banking accounts that her name is on.

by BridalBiz - 5 years ago

Depends on if your state is a community property state. If you did not sign up on the card then it is most likely not your debt.

by jojo - 5 years ago

legally no. The problem is you took her for better or worse didn't you?
So in a short answer yes as she is now part of you

by golferwhoworks - 5 years ago

It depends on what state you are in, some states are considered community property states, which mean her debt becomes yours. I know for example California is a community property state, and Georgia is not. My debt that I had prior to marriage, my husband didn't inherit it because we are not in a community property state.

Edit: Since she is being taken to court over it, they can put a lien on joint assets.

by video production - 5 years ago

Are we talking about divorce? or are you asking in general?

If we are NOT talking about divorce/separation:

If the credit cards were opened with her SSN only, no! The only way you would really be involved would be if the creditor tried to put a lien on jointly held assets for example.

If we are talking about divorce, that's a whole different issue as it applies to the "settlement".

In this case you want to consult an attorney. Every state is different.

by LK - 5 years ago