How do I get cash for my Walmart gift card?

OK so I received a $20 dollar gift card 2 weeks ago and I want cash for it. I tried to get cash at walmart but they didn't except it for cash. I'm thinking I should buy something worth about $20 dollars then come back and return it. Will they give me cash?

I also want to know any other way I can get cash for a gift card.
Moonsong I just wrote that I did that......actuall y I did that exact thing. THEY SAID THEY DONT EXCHANGE GIFT CARDS FOR CASH!

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Wal-mart's policy is that if you purchase something with a gift card, and the product is returned it must be returned to a gift card. I would suggest just using the card for gas or something if you don't want to buy something with it. I would say sell it on ebay...more than likely you would only lose a buck or two...but since its only $20 it may not even we worth the fees and shipping....
Im sure someone would buy it for say $17.00 or something...even ask around in the store if you can't find a friend to buy it.


5 years ago

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Just walk in and got to the customer service counter. They will give you the cash directly.

by Moonsong - 5 years ago