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    How can i move money from a visa gift card to a debit card on paypal?

    i need to move money from a prepaid visa gift card from walmart TO my paypal account speciffacly a debit card that has a amazing balance of $0.00 =e.o'= helllllp i am trying to be able to get things online...no luck yet...the money shows up on the gift card site..but..it says that it took like $3 out of it to confirm it...and well...idk what to do...but yeah...help please..i HATE being poor =TT ^ TT= and most things only accept paypal...
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    how are you funding your paypal account yu say with a debit where did you get this debit card from yur bank? or from paypal?(it depends where you got the debit card you can transfer the money from the visa gift card to paypal then you can probally transfer the money to your bank account or debit card or however you funded the paypal when you first opened unless you have a a paypal debit card then what ever your paypal balance it will be the same balance on the paypal debit card
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