How can i get a paypal card? and how does it work?

i know there's a differnece between having a paypal card and a credit card
i just want the paypal card to buy stuff online
but how do you obtain that card? how does it work? you need a bank account? or it works as a gift card?

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Paypal offers two cards, credit or debit and each one has different requirements. The credit card is used like any other. The debit card must have backup funding. You can use PayPal buyer credit (you have to apply and qualify) or your bank account. For either, you have to apply and be approved.

5 years ago

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This is the easiest way and the only way I know of getting it open an eBay account. After you put in your bank info you can apply for a paypal debit card then once you are approved you can apply for the credit card. I would not get it unless you have excellent credit the APR is really high. The paypal card is great if you plan on selling on eBay or receiving payments from other through your email. I hope I have been of some help

by Mimi H - 5 years ago

Do you have a PayPal account?
If you do, you can apply to get the debit card they have. That way, you can use your money that is in PayPal anytime and outside of the internet. You can even get cash at ATM's with it.


by ☼AstrologerJuliAnne☼ - 5 years ago