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    how long does it take for money deposited in my bank to show up online?

    i deposited money yesterday and i was wonder why it didnt show up in my bank account its hsbc and i deposited friday and now its saturday. can i still use the money eeven though it doesnt show online
    10 months ago 5 Answers

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    If you deposited money yesterday, you shouldn't have a problem spending that money today. If you are depositing funds that you will need to have immediate access to, you need to deposit it as cash. Cash is cash, no banking institution needs to be involved, therefore there is no lapse in time from the time you deposit it to the time it shows up. It's immediate. Now, let's say you have 300 dollars in your account, a check from someone you want to deposit as cash and that check is for 500 dollars. There is a good chance based on your banking activity and the fact that the check is less than YOUR collected balance that the teller will not allow a deposit as cash. They have to protect themselves if a check looks fishy and basically you need to be able to cover the amount. The solution! Look at the check the person has given you. What bank do they use? You can always go cash checks given to you outside your bank at the check "sender's" institution. If it is not too much trouble that is how I would manage it. Not every check you get will be from someone who banks locally. The above wouldn't work in that scenario. Cash is king. Like the other post below mentions...Anything deposited after (diff in some cases) 3p.m. on a Friday, even though the bank is open on Sat, will show up available on Tuesday. The Friday deposit will actually have Monday's date! That's just how it works. Bank early on Fridays or earlier in the week.
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    Other Answers

    • Good question. It used to be that cash deposits were ready immediately as long as they were deposited by 2pm. If they were made after 2pm, they wouldn't be available until the next business day. However, that isn't necessarily the case anymore. I have made cash deposits in the bank before noon (not just by 2pm), and they not show up as a completed transaction for 2 or 3 business days. So, in theory, let's say you make a deposit on Friday after 2pm, your money may not be available until Tuesday or even Wednesday (2-3 business days, and Saturday generally doesn't count as a business day). 2-3 Days may vary depending on the bank you use and if you get your deposit in before noon or 2, or what ever their time is for deposits to post. It seems to be a rare thing for an entire transaction with a bank to be done right at the time of the physical transaction. Aside from shifting money from savings to checking or vice-versa, depositing money or taking money from an account takes time.

      by 53108 - 6 hours ago

    • Call your local branch. Cash should be immediately available. Hopefully you saved your deposit receipt to prove the transaction. If the deposit was a check, chances are it won't be available until Monday or Tuesday.

      by Jen M - 6 hours ago

    • Depends on what the bank's posting policy and cut-off times are. If they have cut-off times, and you deposited after that time yesterday, then your money most likely won't be available until Monday. If you try to use it, you will either be declined or incur overdraft charges. Contact the bank and ask about their cut-off times....they will be able to help you more.

      by cbecker72 - 6 hours ago

    • If it was cash it should go straight on to your account . If it was a cheque it takes a few days and will show on your account as a value but not available till say 12 th March . If it was cash you deposited I would ask why you didn't know yesterday that you would need some of it today !! lol

      by Scobill - 6 hours ago

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