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    when does netspend do there direct deposits how long does it take?

    metabank all access card direct deposit says i will have tax refund by feb. 10th heard they do deposits on fridays will i get it thursday then?
    10 months ago 4 Answers

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    If they state you will have friday, then the DD is on Thursday, posting Friday.
    a few seconds ago

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    • my rent rebate was approved 3 weeks a go ,how long befor i get my money for derict deposit?

      by Swanson - 10 hours ago

    • How were you able to have your tax refund sent to your Netspend All Access card? When I efile I only see refund options to be credited to checking/savings account numbers. I do not have a bank acct. but I would like Direct Deposit to my Netspend Visa. Could you please tell me how you do this?

      by B - 10 hours ago

    • My refund was deposited on Monday 1/26 even though the IRS "Wheres my Refund?" tool said 2/3. I had it deposited to a NetSpend prepaid card. My Aunt and my cousin did theirs the same day as me, and got email confirm the same day. But they didn't get theres til Friday. They had theres deposited to Bank of America, (which btw is currently receiving Federal bail out money, and is in financial distress.) Status History: Status Status Time Received by TurboTax 01/16/09 01:13:10 Sent to Tax Authority 01/16/09 01:55:42 Accepted 01/18/09 11:13:18 01/26/2009 DEPOSIT/CREDIT FROM US TREASURY 220

      by TonyAZ - 10 hours ago

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