which bank uses experian to check credit for auto loans?

I was wondering if any one in the north carolina area knew of any banks that pull your experian credit report for auto loans. My exp. score is the highest at a 708 and i need to refinance my car. i know i could get a good rate and get approved if they check exp. My credit union uses checks equifax for their loans. and my equifax score is only 607 , i dont know why my equifax score is so low compared to exp. . but they want me to have a 660 to get approved and a good rate. dont know how long it will take to get that high but i need the loan fast. thanks for any help!

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Auto financing people do not get the same scores you and I do.
They get a report along with a score that is tailored for auto financing.
It is called "autofinanceer's reports".
The scores may be close - but they won't match exactly.
Focus on getting your scores up. Pay off any credit cards. Dispute any items on your report. Do not close up old credit cards.
Go to for more secrets on getting your score up.

Lenders know that all bureaus have different scales.
One agency might have 300-800
while another agency might have 350 to 900 /

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Forget it. Experian scores are higher because they use a different scoring method.

by src50 - 5 years ago