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    Does Lexington Law Really Work For My Credit Report?

    I am fixing to sign up for Lexington Law Firm, they are a credit repair agency that gives the credit bureaus 30 days to find out if certain items on my report are deemed unverifiable, which I am thinking is probably likely, because the accounts there are only 3,000.00 worth of stuff that I have not paid for, the accounts are charged off, there are five of them, so they are all between 300.00-600.00, some have been sold and bought from different collection agencies, so do you honestly believe that this will work? And please no b.s., I am asking your opinion, that does not mean if you say no, I still won't do it, anyways, I will choose a best answer. Thanks for your time.
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    Best Answer

    You can do a lot of credit repair by yourself, without attorney's fees. Join the forum below, read, study, ask questions, then decide if you want Lexington to do the work for you. Good Luck!
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    Other Answers

    • i went with them last year. they were able to dispute a few of the things on my credit report. which really helped my score. but some things they couldnt do anything about. the plus side with them is that if your like me (extremely busy and not really sure of how to do it yourself) then they're really good. they handle everything for you. the downside is that if they arent able to take care of some of the negative marks then those companies may try to come back and collect from you. all in all though i was very satisfied with them. they did an amazing job for me. doing all the work yourself is time consuming and the people that you have to deal with are usually not that nice.

      by Melissa D - 3 hours ago

    • Save your money. See what the FTC has to say about credit repair: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/credit/cre13.shtm. Credit repair companies have no special letter or secret method to remove legit derogatory items form your file.

      by bdancer222 - 3 hours ago

    • Definitely do it yourself.Get all 3 credit reports.Look for things that are inaccurate.It could be things like listing a late pay after an account is charged-off, or saying 'open' for the account type when it's charged-off or closed.Before people start saying that it's unethical, it's not.It's actually legal, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, all reporting has to be accurate. Most accounts will have some kind of inaccuracy.Also, like the guy above said, yes, sometimes the item can reappear on your credit report.However, the credit bureaus are required by law to let you know within 5 days if they reinsert an item, & they never do.So, should that happen, you can easily get it deleted again because they've violated the law by not letting you know.Good luck with everything.

      by chocolateluver666 - 3 hours ago

    • personally, i would save the money that you plan on playing Scamington Law and do it yourself. anybody can send dispute letters to the credit bureaus for the cost of postage. here's the key...if the info is valid, nobody (not you, Lexington, or anybody else) will get it removed from there. even if you succeed in getting valid negs removed, they will often come back again in a few months. use the money to pay down your debts instead. most services like lexington law are scam jobs.

      by infinite crisis 247 - 3 hours ago

    • Even though Lex law writes to the credit bureaus about these past due accounts, the lenders can validate the debt and this does not good for you. The accounts will stay on your credit. The problem that you will run into is that collection agencies will continuously sell your account to new collection agencies if they do not collect. These new collection agencies will then be on your credit reports. It is one continuous viscous cycle. Even if the account gets deleted, it may show up again on your report. Lex Law cannot guarantee that they will stay permanently deleted. I paid a similar business $1300 to do the same for me and it did me absolutely no good. I wish I would have used that money to pay on the debts. If you only have $3000 then it would be worth it to settle the debts. Most collection agencies will take pennies on the dollar for those debts. Your credit is going to suffer regardless. Once those debts are paid your credit can only get better. Good luck!

      by boiler1976 - 3 hours ago

    • If you're willing to write the letters yourself, you can save yourself some money. The 3 credit bureaus will respond to letters from you if you dispute items on your reports. However, if they are valid accounts that you actually owe money on, disputing probably won't help (from you or from Lexington). The credit bureau will double-check with the original creditor--if the creditor verifies you as the person who owes the money, they won't drop the item off your credit report. Try checking out the myfico.com forums on credit repair.

      by bastetg4 - 3 hours ago

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