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    What bank doesn't charge fees?

    Hello there, I am looking for a bank that doesn't charge fees. Do you know any in San Mateo? Thanks and have a great holidays,
    a few seconds ago 15 Answers

    Best Answer

    sperm bank. hey there are banks that do no fees once you keep your balance over a certain limit! google them and do some research.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • For the least number of fees I've definitely had the best experience with WaMu. They don't charge you for checks or any of that, and no charges from their ATMs (which now also include all Citi ATMs). However, they do not have the best customer service or rates on things like savings accounts. Keep in mind that fees are not the only way to decide what bank is right for you. A lot of banks actually charge very little or no fees as long you don't mess up or keep a certain amount in there. Another good one is Meriwest, a credit union in that area.

      by georgiekittie - 8 hours ago

    • NONE (it's a business you know)

      by Eppson - 8 hours ago

    • I don't know about San Mateo, but my local bank (State Bank of Southern Utah) doesn't charge fees-- AND it pays 4.06% on checking accounts. The big banks like you to think you don;t have a choice, but shop around. often the small banks give you a better deal.

      by dj - 8 hours ago

    • I'm in the UK and over here the answer you arelooking for is the Bank Of Mum And Dad. All banks charge fees, it's how they make their money. APR's, arranged borrowing fees, unarranged borrowing fees, late payment fees and non payment fees, they charge for everything.

      by Chris♂ - 8 hours ago

    • Banking is a type of business and would always require a fee for the service of insuring your money. All banks have fees or otherwise they don't gain anything. However, what are you going to use the bank for? Loaning? Saving (as far as I know, saving doesn't cost you anything since the bank is using your money to gain from loaning

      by Blinded - 8 hours ago

    • hahaha GOOD LUCK! A bank w/ out fees wouldn't make very much money now would it?

      by Girl - 8 hours ago

    • I am sorry sir, but every bank and credit union charges fee's. That is how they make money, no one has fee's or charges, then they have no money. They may take off a couple over draft fee's here and there due to error's, but other than that, there are none.

      by Zeferoth - 8 hours ago

    • Wamu??? Why did no one say Wamu? I havent been charged anything by them since I've been with them.

      by Daron M. - 8 hours ago

    • don't kno sorry

      by Jinal P - 8 hours ago

    • *sigh* Such a bank does not exist. No fees. No profits. Do the math. :)

      by Katie - 8 hours ago

    • No bank doesn't charge fees!

      by Sallyeye - 8 hours ago

    • river...

      by Chris - 8 hours ago

    • A river bank.

      by G P - 8 hours ago

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